Monday, March 8, 2010

But what do I write about??

This past week I got an e-mail from a pregnancy/mothering website/community. Surprisingly (to me anyways) it wasn't from the website/community that I frequented while I was pregnant with Sophia.

I have no idea how they found my little blog. I have no idea what they saw that got their interest. But they asked that I be a featured blogger and write something for them. There's no monetary gain. It would just be something to do.

But what would I write about? What do I have to say that a bunch of pregnant women/mothers want to read about?

I e-mailed back and forth with the woman that contacted me and she sent me a list of past topics of featured bloggers so that I could get an idea of what to write about. They were good topics..but I can't reuse a used topic!!

I do have a couple of topics in mind...but I'm still not sure.

So what do you think??

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