Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It may be a bad habit...

Sophia can nap on her own. She's takes about one nap on the floor on her own a day. But I usually cuddle with her for two of her other naps of the day. Why? Because I know that the day will come that she'll push me away in favor of a shiny toy, our dog, or the floor that she can run around on.

I love smelling her hair, kissing her forehead, patting her back...I love all of it. And I soak it all in. It's the time I try to memorize the dimples she has that will one day be little knuckles, the toes that she got from her Daddy, the rolls on her legs, the cute button nose....I try to soak it all in. Every moment of it. Because it won't always be like this.

Our relationship will change. She'll learn to say no. She'll wiggle out from my arms so she can run around and chase Rocky. She will not want to cuddle, she won't even want to take a nap. But today, a few days from her 7 month birthday, I am enjoying spoiling her and soaking her in.

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