Monday, March 29, 2010

Just a typical weekend

Well anyone that knows me well knows that grace isn't part of my nature. I'm naturally a clumsy girl. This was never more apparent than it was this weekend.

Lets start with Saturday. We head to the grocery store for baby food. With in a minute of being there someone ran into my heels with their shopping cart. This happened again with someone & a stroller in the baby food section. I was starting to get the feeling I wasn't welcome in the grocery store. Obviously. We leave there and head to Lowes. After all it's where we are every.single.weekend. We needed to pick up some trim paint, return a can of unused ceiling paint, and get yet another can of sample paint to try test out the basement with. Well as we browse the tile section trying to get an idea of what we want for the bathrooms the can of trim paint falls off the stroller and onto the floor. Of course it would open and pour and splatter and make a huge mess. We head back up to the paint section to pick up the finished sample can. We pause by the paint brushes to pick out one for the spindles...and whadda know! THE SHELF FALLS ON ME!

Now you're thinking. GIRL TAKE A HINT! Everything is telling me to go home, crawl under the blankets and go to sleep to reset the day. But nooo....the day isn't over. NOT AT ALL.

As we make the plan to just head home before I catch myself on fire or something, I somehow hit my pinky toe and we're fairly confident by the swelling & bruising that it's cracked. It's not pretty y'all. So fine. Saturday wasn't going my way. We decided Sophia & I would just stay home that evening while Cody headed to a friends to watch the fight that night.

So Sunday we're thinking, this day has to go better. Right? Well the day seems to go smoothly. At least physically. I seemed to misplace everything I was looking for. And still can't buy the paintbook we got from the painter last week. But the reason the day appeared to be was all a build up to the main event. Sophia's room is on the 2nd floor. After we put her to bed Cody was doing something upstairs still and I came down the stairs AND FELL DOWN THE STAIRS!

I don't even pretend to make it graceful. I mean I fell...arms in the air shriek coming out of my mouth THUD as I hit the bottom. (Probably mini-thuds as my butt hit about 8 steps). Cody comes running and at first I'm thinking "Ok everything hurts narrow it down THINK ALENA THINK did you break anything. Your ankle is it ok? Your back is it ok? Your elbow hurts, is it ok? Your head...did you hit your head? Your butt hurts? Can you even break your butt?"

Those thoughts only lasted a moment before I realized it doesn't feel like I've seriously hurt anything but it all DOES hurt. I start crying. Sobbing. An ugly cry that could put Oprah's to shame. It wasn't just about the pain (of which there was a plenty!). It was just a release of the weekend. How can one person be so clumsy in one weekend (Mom--no need to answer that one!).

On the good side, I caught nothing on fire. I flooded nothing. I didn't do any serious damage to anything besides myself. Although yet another house project did hit a problem. I'll be posting about that on the other site shortly.

I will be posting pictures this week!!! We aren't going to the park as planned, so I'm going to get it all set up for the week! I feel like a little old lady (total assumption since I've never BEEN a little old lady) and the idea of sitting my (very bruised) hiney on the grass today just doesn't sound pleasant!

There is a reason why I've been told my nickname as a young one was "Boo Boo". This weekend shows how little has changed from my childhood!

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  1. This one made me laugh. I'm always falling down our stairs! And poor Aydin and Jace...they're just as clumsy. So watch out...Sophia might take after you. Hope you have a good week!


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