Friday, March 26, 2010

I had a great plan.

I was going to wake up this morning and take pictures all day of our day. How adorable Sophia is when she see's someone come into her room in the morning. How she smiles all big when I walk into the livingroom with her bottle. How cuddly she looks during her nap. How she smiles with her still mostly gummy smile. And on and on and on through the day.

But. Yesterday I got sucked into March Madness. K-State was playing. And since I lived in Kansas for a few years...I feel a connection. Well they decided they didn't want to just seal the deal during the game, they wanted overtime. No actually what they wanted was double overtime. Which kept me awake until after 11. (Go Wildcats! Elite Eight!)

Sophia knew this was happening. She knew that I was awake. She was waiting. She wanted to teach me an important lesson about sleep--go to bed early enough to get some! Because she woke up at 12. 1. 2. (she ate at two) 4 and at 6 she was up for the day. This is SO unusual for her. Cody and I had a short talk about it at about 2:30. We're wondering if she's starting to go through a little more teething.(She's only stopped teething for a week...not even a whole week since the second tooth broke through!)

So, the lack of sleep turned me into a zombie at 6 when Sophia woke up. And we've only managed an hour nap so far this morning. So I'm still not exactly bounding with energy. Sophia is does that work?

So now day long pictures. In fact no pictures because I'm about to lay on the floor and let Sophia gouge my eyes out, try to rip out my hair and rearrange my lips.

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