Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update from yesterdays appointment

Lets hope I can write this with out Sophia abusing the side of the laptop too much.

She's kicking it...she wants me to play "Little Piggies" (which I am stopping to do every few words!!)

The doctor thinks it may be a reaction to fabric. We are already using a free & clear detergent to wash everything. And the fact that it has been looking better when I put butt paste on it is also furthering the belief it's something that touches her (the butt paste doesn't really get absorbed, it serves as a barrier between her skin and everything else)

So for now she needs to wear a plain white onesie under everything. We are to put .5% hydrocortizone cream on her in the morning and at night. And cover the cream with butt paste. Mid day we put on a fragrance and dye free lotion on her (We're trying Aveeno first).

We have only started this program last night and this morning her back was looking SO MUCH BETTER and it felt smooth again (not rough and flaky).

Ok well it's time to attack the pun'kin with tickles. She's not prepared...giggles soon to come!!

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