Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh Monday Morning.

This Morning is painful. We were busy in the house this weekend (pictures and posts will be posted this week on the other blog). Which meant no real down time at all. And thanks to Words With Friends on my iPod I didn't go to sleep until midnight!! (what was I thinking?!)

In major Chandler news: Sophia's two bottom teeth have both broken through!

Thank goodness!! I am hoping that earns us a little break (I have my doubts about that).

This morning Sophia has a doctors appointment to look at a little skin issue she's having on her back. My google skills tell me it is probably baby eczema. But I'm no doctor (I know I've fooled you all for this long haven't I?!). Hopefully the real doctor can give us some answers.

I know you all want pictures. I really did plan on doing a picture post last week--but time escaped me. But I do have this one picture that I think I need to get printed off and a million copies made. Because seriously, this picture is worth ten trillion words!

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