Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two by two, two by two

Instead of singing about the Ark, I'm talking about Sophia's itty bitty teeth. A teething baby leads to a busy mommy. I was so busy I missed Wordless Wednesday. I hate missing those days, the days where I can show off pictures of Sophia and be shameless.

I'd love to tell you that I have pictures to share. But I don't, I mean I do, in my camera. But I have nothing uploaded and ready to go.

I will share a few adorable stories with you.

Sophia has started "kissing". It's not puckered up, it doesn't in with a MUAH sound. But it's her version of kissing. Mouth open as much as possible, pushed as much as she can into your cheek, nose, chin, forhead--whatever she lands on. When we have a kiss war I end up with my face entirely covered in drool. That simply means that she wins--hands down. Who can beat that?

She has also started blowing raspberries with food in her mouth. At first I tried to not laugh, I didn't want to encourage such mess! I mean peas were sprayed everywhere. Mango's found their way to my hair! But it wore me down, and I just started cracking up. It's funny, there's no way to deny that forever.

Lastly, Sophia has quickly learned that Ellen = Dancing. When I say "Oh lets turn to Ellen now!" she gets excited. Then I pick her up and we dance around like loons during the theme song. (we take a break during the monologue--She's heavy!) It's adorable! She is so fun.

I also have a very embarrassing story to share that you can laugh at:
The painter came today and was painting our bedroom. I totally forgot he was in there. He had the door closed and wasn't making noise or anything. Anyhow, when Sophia starts complaining about her teeth (remember two by two) I usually dance around being a dork and she forgets about the pain and laughs. Well I was doing it in the kitchen while loading the dishwasher. I was getting down!! And I look up and he's coming around the corner--he totally busted me!! It was hilarious. Ok well it's hilarious now. I quickly recovered and played it off. But yeah, embarrassing.

Ok the next post will be a belated wordless wednesday because I think I may have a great Daddy/Daughter shot!!

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