Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good Morning World!

One of the things you don't remember/can't grasp about having a new baby is the amount of sleep you will no longer be getting. It's one of the many things that fade quickly when mommynesia sets in and your body is screaming for another baby and you can't think of one possible con to bringing another wee life into the world. Then about 2 weeks after your new baby is home...you remember...you miss sleep. You miss sleep in a big, huge, major, sick to your stomach can't remember the last time you ate a real meal...much less the last time you got a full nights sleep.

Also, when you're pregnant and people tell you "sleep while you can" they've already experienced pregnancynesia. They've forgotten you don't sleep when you're pregnant. The nausea, the heartburn, the bladder issues, the stretching, the awkwardness, the pressure, the weight....the million things that mean NO SLEEP.

But then this thing eventually happens, your baby wakes up only once a night instead of every 2 hours. And once in a while your baby doesn't wake up at all. At All. And when you wake up in the morning, because of the sun not because of a crying baby. You may turn to your husband and ask when your child woke up in the middle of the night. He will tell you she didn't. You will walk into the living room and hear some babble. You'll grab your camera, walk quietly up your stairs, slowly open the door...and take a picture worth a million words:

And then, if you're like us...you'll pick up your wee one and cover her in love while she laughs and laughs. Then you realize you'd better go to bed early that night..because this sort of thing won't happen too often.

*it's worth every sleepless, teething, hungry, cant go back to sleep night...


  1. I love it; she is so happy....but I am with you I too would get into be early tonight!!

  2. Losing sleep is worth seeing that adorable little face!! That's for sure :)


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