Monday, April 19, 2010

Monkey see Monkey Do

That's our current stage with pun'kin.

You clap. She claps.

You bounce. She bounces.

You kiss. She kisses. ok we're still working on this one. 50% of the time she makes the kissy sound back.

You go into the kitchen. She goes into the kitchen.

You put your flip flop in your mouth. She puts your flip flop in her mouth. -- Wait no. That's not how that happens. But my ind flip flops DO find their way to her mouth if she can find them. But so does anything else she can find.

I know I need to post a video of her, there's so much more she can do now. But instead of taking a video I am playing with her. So who can really fault me for that???

Anyhow, because I take too many pictures here's an adorable one that I got in the middle of a bunch of other pictures. Rocky made a noise and Sophia's attention was instantly lost! (for good!)

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