Tuesday, April 20, 2010

That just happened!!!!!!!!!

I didn't blog when sophia started crawling because it was slow to come and by the time she actually was moving I was so relieved that she wasn't grunting in frustration I never really thought about making a blog post about it.

BUT today, she totally stood up on her own. Not so much PULLING up...she was hold on for balance but she just stood up on the side of the couch. She sat down and did it two more times. And then she got mad because I was clapping and ignoring the fact she wanted up on my lap. I think cruising will be here any day.

Now WHY would I WANT her to do this. Because if she wants up she doesn't sit there and complain and leave me guessing. When she can stand up she can make it more clear.

Of course now nothing is safe...but we're almost done baby proofing. So we're ready for the challenge.


  1. Good for her. We're still waiting for Harry to start crawling. He's standing though.


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