Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ok, Easter Pictures

It was difficult for me to look at these. Because of all the missed shots. My camera kept saying "Busy" with a lightening bolt (I assume I'm waiting for something to do with the flash) I missed some pretty amazing shots. And maybe that's what has kept me from posting this. The sadness of not getting the shots I could have had!

But I do have a lot of amazing shots still. I am grateful that some turned out better than expected. I wish I had taken more pictures of Sophia in her dress with out the bib and paci. But with teething drool and early morning church, both were needed to have a clean, happy baby!

Adorable right? Ahhhh, I love dresses! And little bity pink dresses? They make my heart explode. Adorable.

If there was any doubt that Sophia was a little Irish. Pictures like this put those doubts to rest. Those perfect blue eyes, that strawberry blond hair. I love it! And it's also in pictures like this where I am overwhelmed by how much she looks like Cody!

Yes, at 7.5 months old, Sophia got an Easter Basket. We filled it with things we wanted her to have anyways. Some more books, some new bibs, a couple new pacis (where do those things end up? We've lost SO MANY!!) a toy. You know..usual baby purchases. All bundled in an Easter basket.

Sophia wasn't too sure. She thought it looked cool. And books?! She loves books! (Just like her Mommy!) And she went right for them.

Like a typical child....Sophia would rather play with the Easter Grass than her toys. She wanted to eat it....

...see Pun'kin eating Easter Basket Grass later in the week.

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