Saturday, April 10, 2010

You haven't seen EASTER PICTURES?

Oh man, this is what happens when I don't get my one solid night of blogging to catch up on things, tonight is the this week will be a great one!! :-)

Sophia's personality is coming out by leaps and bounds. I am constantly amazed by the hilarious things she's doing (and the mischievous things as well--hello the dogs bowls are not toys or wee baby food!). When I just uploaded these pictures I saw this shot and giggled. This face is her personality 100000%. I had planned on first posting the Easter pictures (my camera had a huge issue that day--I wish I knew how to REALLY use it!), but when you see a picture like this, you have to post it. And you have to post it hoping that everyone will look past the squash on her nose (but not the Auburn blanket in the background!). So here it is. My pun' perfect pun'kin form!

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