Sunday, November 22, 2009

She's not a ham for the camera just yet.

Well I was hoping to get a great video of her smiling and talking. She talks constantly, and smiles so much. But the moment she see's the camera you'd think she was an more smiles, no more talking. It's time to be serious baby!

In fact I just put the camera down and she's next to me talking my ear off while I sing to her. You're probably going to tell me to sing while I'm taping her. You'd all love to hear me embarrass myself wouldn't you?!?! Tonight she is loving Chris Cornell. I think she's got good taste in music!

She had an eventful day today. We went to church this morning, then to lunch with her Uncle Cory, Josh, and a friend of theirs. She loves all the attention Josh gives her!! We came home and she was so tired out that she took a long nap while we got a few things done at the house. Including me making some gooey cake bars. We decided that we would start letting Sophia figure out how to work her tongue. Since she already had cereal in her bottles during the day we decided to make a couple table spoons and see how she did with it on it's own and not in a bottle. She did GREAT! She loved figuring it out and she did great with swallowing it (obviously not ALL of it made it to her belly, but more more than I was expecting!).

I will do my best to get a good video this week. I just went through the video's we did tonight and we find them very entertaining, but we don't think that everyone else will so much! :-)

Here are some pictures from today though. (Pardon her shirtlessness in the second picture. We decided to do the cereal thing RIGHT before bath time to keep there from being quite as big of a mess. We had no idea it would go quite so well!

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