Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I know it's Wordless Wednesday

But I feel like today is a good day to remind everyone of a couple things.

First: You have until the end of the month to give! Either through a donation to the walk, or by buying coffee. You can read all about what I'm talking about here.

Second: If you haven't been nosey and checked out the house blog lately you should. And then maybe you can tell us how to fix the bathroom light fixture issue. Hopefully I'll be doing some basement painting this coming week!

Third: To go with the pervious thing, next Friday there's going to be a major home tour! Not only of the Chandler casa but along with a lot of other awesome ladies' houses. So you'll have to make sure that on the 16th you come and check out the action!

If I get a chance to upload pictures and crop and stuff I'll be posting pictures! It's easy to write a blog post while Sophia naps, but if I don't have the cord already out--uploading pictures just isn't an option.

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